electronic Airfield Ground Lighting equipment (eAGLE)

Interleader developed an innovative range of electronic Airfield Ground Lighting equipment and systems for night-time VFR operation at permanent and temporary helipads and designed particularly for HEMS operation.

Pad-Star® installation: Regions Hospital, St. Paul, Minnesota USA

Using advanced LED and microchip technology the eAGLe® range is designed for pilot effectiveness, simple installation and operation, safety, economy, long life and low maintenance.

To support temporary and remote installations the eAGLe® range of lights and controllers is designed to operate optionally on 12V-24V DC to enable solar/wind turbine powered battery installations.

All eAGLe® brand of advanced LED lighting solutions are sold through FEC Heliports Worldwide as part of their extensive range of heliport products


eAGLe®,Pad-Star® and HEMS-Star® are registered trademarks of FEC Heliports Wordwide