electronic Airfield Ground Lighting equipment (eAGLE)

Interleader offers an innovative range of electronic Airfield Ground Lighting equipment and systems for night-time VFR operation at permanent and temporary helipads and designed particularly for HEMS operation.

Pad-Star® installation: Regions Hospital, St. Paul, Minnesota USA

Using advanced LED and microchip technology the eAGLe® range is designed for pilot effectiveness, simple installation and operation, safety, economy, long life and low maintenance.

To support temporary and remote installations the eAGLe® range of lights and controllers is designed to operate optionally on 12V-24V DC to enable solar/wind turbine powered battery installations.

The majority of the eAGLe® brand of advanced LED lighting solutions are sold through FEC Heliports Worldwide as part of their extensive range of heliport products

Interleader offers research and development capability to third party organisations and can provide a design only or design and build capability.


eAGLe®,Pad-Star® and HEMS-Star® are registered trademarks of Interleader Limited