Flush Lights

The eAGLe range of light engines for flush helipad lights includes both single colour visible LEDs (shown above left) and single colour + Infra Red (IR) LEDs for use with Night Vision Goggles (NVG).

Single Colour Light Engines for Helipads:

  • Omnidirectional LED lamps
  • 3 x Osram OSLON™ SSL 150o LEDs
  • Standard colours:
    • True Green (528nm)
    • Yellow (590nm)
    • Red (632nm)
    • Hyper Red (656nm)
    • Blue (470nm)
    • White 6000k
  • 3.5W power consumption
  • 350mA constant current supply (approx 10V)
  • Maximum current of 1A (subject to additional cooling)
  • 50mm diameter Aluminium substrate circuit board for maximum thermal efficiency
  • Simple tool-free 'Poke In' connectors for simple, fast and secure connection
  • RoHS and 94V0 Compliant

Single Colour + IR Light Engines for Helipads:

  • As above + 2 IR LEDs (IR LEDs 850nm)
  • 5.5W power consumption (@350mA)

In Development:

A range of low voltage controllers is being developed to offer:

  • Safe 12V to 24V DC operation
  • Simple 2 wire power and control topology (enables re-use of existing cables)
  • Battery operation with mains, solar or wind-turbine charging
  • Locally and remotely controlled brilliancy
  • Individual lamp control to enable, for example, flash patterns and directional switching


OSLON is a registered trademark of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH