Systems management software V1

The PC Systems Management Software (SMS) V1 runs on a Windows PC and, via a USB-UHF Transceiver (dongle), can setup, control and interrogate the range of eAGLe® lights and controllers fitted with Zulu® UHF transceivers.

SMS V1 screen for MIL-Star® lights

The software can either setup, control and manage individual devices or, for lights, control 'groups' of many lights. In the above picture, the screen architecture is shown for MIL-Star®.

In the image below, the individual device commands are shown:


USB-UHF Zulu® Dongle (868MHz version shown)

The PC SMS V1 can work with either a USB-UHF Zulu® Dongle or wired interfaces to support all products running V1 of the communication protocol.


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