Windsock Illumination

The eAGLe range of windsock lights is designed to provide internal illumination of windsocks from a few feet in length up to 16 feet long. The range is designed to work with existing slip-ring power feeds or the eAGLe contact less system (under development).

eAGLe Windsock Light 15W

The eAGLe Windsock Light (15W) will light up windsocks up to 16' long and with a 36 inch throat. These compact and efficient lights employ two high-brightness OSLON Square™ LEDs and suitable optics to ensure even illumination along the length of the sock and little glare outside of the cone.

The lights work on DC from 12V to 28V and, with their low power consumption, are suitable to be powered from batteries or other portable power supplies.

eAGLe Windsock Light 5W

The eAGLe Windsock Light (5W) is designed for shorter Helipad windsocks and is ideal for portable installations or battery power.

eAGLe Contact-less Windsock System

The eAGLe Contact-less Windsock System is currently under development. It is designed to power the eAGLe Windsock Light 5W without the need for a slip ring or other mechanical power feed. The eAGLe Contact-less Windsock System has no moving parts, will be completely encapsulated and thus be water and dust resistant and offer long, maintenance free life.

OSLON Square is a registered trademark of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH